Valentine’s Day Inspiration via Pinterest

 I am doing this post to introduce to you what is going to be happening starting TODAY! 

I’m logging every day until Valentine’s Day!  

 That’s right! Expect 14 Valentine’s Day related posts coming your way for the next 14 days! I am going to be writing a lot of them myself, but I have also teamed up with a few other bloggers for collabs and a few of them are writing guest posts here as well! Expect recipes, nail ideas, outfit ideas, and much more! 

I decided just to start with a simple post to help you get in the mood of Valentine’s Day. I browsed through Pinterest and picked 8 of my favorite pictures to create the perfect atmosphere!

Heart Shaped French Macaroons for Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day #heart #balloon

Valentine's Day bedroom inspiration.

Valentine's Day / Valentine's Day

Pretty #Valentine's day mantel! 

 Valentine's Day Soup  

Free Hershey's kisses printable stickers for Valentine's Day 

 Heart balloons <3

I decided to call these posts “The Sweetheart Series” so if you have any requests or comments on it, feel free to tweet me and use the hashtag #sweetheartseries! I also made a bored on Pinterest to pin all things Valentine’s Day related called Sweetheart Start-up. You can go check it out to ideas on how to start preparing for V-Day! 

 Which was your favorite picture? Let me know in the comments! 

Also, feel free to request any posts you would like to see in the next 14 days… I am open to suggestions!