Outfit Inspired by The Carrie Diaries.

Today I am going to show you guys an easy look I picked out that is inspired by The Carrie Diaries. 

If you also watch the show, you might have noticed that they wear polka dots A LOT! As a fellow polka dot lover, I am glad that they do! Here are some times we have seen them wear polka dots in the first three episodes: 


While watching the most recent episode, I saw Carrie wearing this in the beginning and thought it was very appropriate considering Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. So I decided to recreate it for day two of Sweetheart Series! If you didn’t see the introductory post to this series, click here to learn what is it all about!


Casual and Comfy Valentine’s Day Outfit  




I hope you enjoyed my version of Carrie’s outfit… I found all of the pieces on Forever 21! I tried to make is a little more wearable than her outfit, but I tried to keep the same color scheme and themes. So everything is affordable, and if you want to see more just click each picture!

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