Burberry Inspired Nail Tutorial!

 Today I am going to show you guys a nail tutorial that was inspired by the Burberry pattern. It is really easy to do, but it does take a little time. You only need 4 polished to create this look: a tan color, and then red, black, and white nail art polishes. I used OPI’s Chicago Champagne Toast, with this golden Colorama polish on top. I don’t think you can buy Colorama polishes anymore, because I have had this one for SO long and I haven’t seen them sold anywhere for the past few years! Then I used a red nail art polish that I got from Big Lots (… I know. So classy you can’t even handle it. But it is surprisingly hard to find a thin brushed red nail polish, so I snatched this one up! It was super cheap and actually works well!).
 Lastly, I used two of my Kiss Nail Art polished, which you can buy in sets of 3 at Walgreens. These two came together with a silver glitter polish, and I have used all 3 so much that they are becoming gloppy, so I need to purchase new ones! I also have these in different colors, as you might have noticed from previous tutorials!

 First put a coat of your tan polish on your nails!

 Then use your red striper to make little crosses on your nails. I switched from top to bottom on every other nail as you can see.

 Then paint white on the opposite side, and either on the top or the bottom… whichever one you didn’t just paint red on!

 Lastly, outline the white in black, and you’re done! It it super easy, and looks adorable for winter. 


Volleyball pride!

And here is a picture showing it around my Christmas tree… even though it is after Christmas! Don’t judge… I like Christmas and these were taken a few weeks back! In this picture you can see I did it a little differently on my thumb, since my thumbnail is wider than my fingernails!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, and if you recreate it, please do tweet me a picture! I would love to see it! And I know that you have probably seen similar tutorials to this, but some are more complicated or turn out differently. This is just my take on the design! Feel free to request any nail tutorials below, or let me know what you thought of this one.