Random Acts Of Kindness!

A single act of kindness throws out
roots in all directions, and the roots spring up and make new trees.
The greatest work that kindness does to others is that it makes them
kind themselves.

~Amelia Earhart

Recently, I have been reading about how people went out on their birthday and did “random acts of kindness” such as taping quarters to a vending machine or lending someone elderly a helping hand. It really inspired me to do something similar! So this December, I am going to try to do 1 RAOK every day, maybe even more than one! It is especially fitting since my birthday, my blogs birthday, and Christmas are all in December! 3 reasons to do this!
I am going to try to keep them random and not plan ahead too much and try to keep them anonymous, but I also want to share the fun with you! So I am going to try to tweet about every random act of kindness I do, no matter how small! I am going to use the hashtag #trendychickROAK  so you can find them all if you want to see what I did starting on December 1st! Also, I encourage you guys to tweet me if you do any RAOK using the same hashtag! I would love to hear that I inspired someone to do something, even something as simple as letting someone go ahead of you in line! You can also comment below and tell me if you are participating too, or if you happen to do a RAOK!

Here are the original posts that inspired me:

What a ride!

IMG_3999 Daze of Adventure

This is one of my favorites that I saw on different blogs… buying a gift card and then giving it to the person behind you! I really want to do this one, but we will see if it gets done!

MK in Wonderland!


Oakland Township

I hope you all will participate and do at least one RAOK this December. Here is a little list of possible ideas:
Random Acts of Kindness

Don’t forget to tell me about any ROAK you do!

xo, Scarlett