Purple Panels: NOTD!

Today I am going to show you guys a quick simple nail design that I enjoy doing. It is similar to the ombre style nails, but there is a twist! Feel free to mix up the color combinations though! In the picture above,  I show you what I use before I do anything to my nails. I moisturize, and then I clip and file them to my desired shape. Lastly, I buff them to make sure I have a smooth surface to work with!

Here are the colors I used. I used Lacey Lilac from Sally Hansen and Orchid Express, which is also from Sally Hansen but from a different line.

First, you want to paint your lightest color on your nails. Please do excuse my terrible painting job, I was in a rush and didn’t have time to wipe off the extra that got onto my cuticles!

Next, I chose to paint my medium color on the sides on my nails.

Lastly, I painted the darkest color along the top, almost like a french manicure!

And, here is how it turned out! I’d say it was pretty cute, but I will definitely keep experimenting with other designs! Tell me if you tried this in the comments and also request and holiday nail tutorials you would like to see!

xo, Scarlett