4 Trends I Don’t Fancy

Today I decided to create a tag of my own because I really felt like doing a tag post, but I couldn’t find any that really interested me!

  1.  A nail trend
  2. A shoe trend
  3. a clothing trend
  4. an accessory trend

These are the 4 questions I am going to be answering today! So let’s get right into it.

1. A nail trend I don’t like… that would be matte nails for sure!  I own one matte nailpolish, just because I wanted to try out matte about a year ago. Let’s just say I always put a glitter top coat on top if I happen to wear it. Matte nails just aren’t my thing… I love my glitter and cream finished nails too much!

2. A shoe trend… toms. I bought toms and I am highly disappointed because of how much they are raved about. But I don’t really like how they look on my feet, plus they are SO uncomfortable. I literally never wear them because of how tight and stiff they are. Plus, on me that don’t even look very cute. Some people can rock toms though, and if you are one of those people that’s completely fine!

3. A clothing trend… this one was really hard to pick because I am willing to give almost any clothing piece a fair chance. But I will have to say leather pants… they do look good on some people. On most people (like myself) they just don’t look right and look like you are trying way to hard to be something you’re not.

4. An accessory trend… mustache accessories hands down. I just think they look extremely tacky and not cute at all! I prefer bows and flowers 🙂 But again, it is all about taste and it is only my opinion so I know a lot of you probably love mustache accessories, so please don’t get offended!

I know this was a really short tag, but there aren’t too many trends I don’t like! Below I am going to tag a view girls who I hope will do this, but I hope you will do this tag too! If you do it, please leave a link to it in the comments! Also, please tell me what trends you don’t like in the comments!

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xo, Scarlett