Back To School Blitz: 2 Ways to Style Toms!

Shout out to my “twin” for posing for me and helping me take these pictures! And please don’t pay attention to the location… lol we just took a walk and found a random tree! But this is just two ways that we style our toms! This post was requested a lot, so I thought I would go ahead and do it! And while this is only two looks, I am sure you will see more ways I style them in the future! And personally, I think I look better wearing toms with long pants, so I will be showing them more this fall and winter.

My twin’s outfit:

Floral Toms

Tangerine Capris from Kohls

Cream colored tank top from Forever 21

My outfit: 

Ash toms

Floral shirt from Forever 21

White shorts from Forever 21