Guest post by Brennan!

Hello, lovelies!

I’m oh so very happy to be blogging for Miss Scarlett. My name is Brennan and I write at a little spot called Wayward Girl where I talk about things that happen to me. 

I’ve been in a Frank Sinatra haze this summer. Too many wrap dresses leads to too much big band music, what can I say? 

I love how Sinatra’s career transcended decades. When I think Frank, I think classic American style with clean and simple silhouettes. 

But that Can get boring after a while. Below, I’ve created my ideal outfit inspired by my favorite Sinatra song, The Lady is a Tramp, from one of my favorite sites, Polyvore.

The simple, tailored Moschino Cheap and Chic dress along with girly Miu Miu pumps would be perfect for any classic ensemb. But then throw in a leather moto jacket, an Alexander Mcqueen leopard clutch, and a studded headband, and you have an outfit Frank would be proud of. 

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{via Polyvore}

She gets too hungry, for dinner at eight
She loves the theater, but doesn’t come late
She’d never bother, with people she’d hate
That’s why the lady is a tramp

Listen to the rest of the song here!