Back to School Blitz: Clothing Basics

In this post, I am just going to give my opinion on some basic clothing pieces that every girl should own! 

Old Navy

First, I think that cami’s and tanktops are very important, especially for layering! Fall is the perfect season for layering, so you might as well stock up now! Before you know it, it will be here! Two places that I have found affordable tanktops at that are cheap but still good quality are Target and Old Navy. 

Old Navy 

Next, I feel v-necks are a must have for back to school! They are so easy and cute, and are also perfect for layering or just throwing on a scarf! Again, I think Old Navy has good quality ones, but I would also recommend Ralph Lauren v-necks. I own one and I love it so much! I found mine at tjmaxx for a lot cheaper than you would find it other places! To see me wearing it in an outfit of the day, click here!

Lightweight cardigans are also an essential for me when I go back to school. I like layering because all year round, my school was FREEZING. Now, I also do get cold pretty easily, so that might be part of it. But I still always liked having a cardigan or a hoodie in my locker. Personally, I have not found a place to buy cardigans from that I love yet, so comment down below and tell me where you get yours! I got one from Forever 21, and it literally shrunk and fell apart after just a few washes. I also looked at Old Navy, but I didn’t really like the crew neck ones, and I didn’t find a color I liked in my size in the ones that had a v-neck. I even tried Aero, but they had such a weird fit! I tried American Eagle also, but I didn’t see any at all. So pretty much Target is my last hope! So please, tell me in the comments where you get your good quality (yet not to expensive) cardigans from. And by good quality, I mean just lasting through more than one season! 

Old Navy

Dark wash skinny jeans or jeggings are another fall staple for me when I go back to school. Pretty self explanatory! You can find these at almost any store, so I am not going to list specific stores for this one.

The last staple of mine is comfy tennis shoes or ballet flats. I am planning on doing a post about cute back to school “sneakers” later on this week, so I will link that once it is up. But until then, keep watching for it! Don’t forget to follow me on twitter too, because I almost always tweet when a new post it about to go up, or has just been posted. I also ask for opinions or advice a lot on twitter!

xo, Scarlett