TIBS: Peplum Dresses!

Now, you are all wondering one thing: what is TIBS?! Well, TIBS = trends I’ve been seeing. And one trend I have been seeing recently as peplum dresses! I have been seeing them for a couple of months but I didn’t know the actual name until a couple weeks ago. In this post I am going to show you where you can find some cute ones! I think they are a great twist on your every day average dress, and I think they are a tad bit more formal.

This floral option is great for summer because we all know that floral is very in! Also, I love that its main color is coral and it has the yellow and blue floral pattern that just make it gorgeous! Plus, it is only $19.80 at Forever 21.

 This asymmetrical peplum dress is more formal than the last option. I would wear it to a formal dinner, or possibly even an event like a homecoming or wedding. It also is from Forever 21, and comes in magenta too! The magenta would definitely be my choice for the summer, especially at only $22.80.

Here are a couple of more options from Forever 21 if you are into the whole peplum look and want to buy more pieces without spending a lot of money!

My next choice is a strapless option from Pacsun. It comes in two different colors that are both very cute and versatile! Right now they are on sale for only $25, so head on over to grad yours!

 Lastly, here is an option from Lulu’s. It is a candy orange color that you don’t see worn very often because it is hard to pull off! But I am going to show you one way to wear it today! It is $28, which is still pretty cheap, but it’s the most expensive one in this post!

I would add some turquoise jewelry like the model is wearing in the picture. Turquoise and this color of orange really go well when paired together. If it was chilly, I would add a nice white jean jacket, and for shoes  I would go with either turquoise or white.

Xo, Scarlett