Lululemon Look-Alikes!

Astro Pant*R                  So you have all seen yoga pants like these from Lululemon. Perhaps you even own a pair! While that is all okay, I personally do not like to pay $98 for one single pair of yoga pants. Even paying what Victoria’s Secret Pink charges is hard for me to do, unless they are on sale (thank you black friday sales!) So I found a cheaper alternative that is just as cute, but a LOT cheaper!

 Promo_Sport_02BottomForever 21 has a wide selection of sports bras and work out tops that I recommend you checkout too, but I am focusing on the cute yoga pants in this post. And who wouldn’t love them for only $9.80 a pair?! You can buy TEN! pairs on them for the price of one from lululemon. So for me, there is absolutely no question about which one to buy! 

xo, Scarlett

Where is your favorite place to buy yoga pants? Let me know in the comments!