Colored shorts for Summer!

Since colored jeans were such a huge trend this past winter and early spring, it only makes sense that it would transition into colored shorts as the weather got warmer. So I have found a couple different pairs of cute colored shorts and I am going to link them all in this post!

First are these essential twill shorts from Forever 21. 
They are even better because they are only $11.80, which is perfect for a trend like this that won’t last forever! Now of course when I see red I don’t automatically think of spring and summer. But these red shorts would look so cute around Fourth of July, or even in early fall if it is still warm enough!
I would pair these red shorts with one of the following tops:
$14.80, Forever 21      $18.90, Forever 21

  These coral colored shorts are also from Forever 21 and are only $10.80! As most of you already know, coral is very hot this season, so why not have coral colored shorts too in addition to your top, dress, and skirt?

Neon is also a huge trend this season, so adding these neon yellow shorts to your closet would be perfect! These also come in neon coral, both are from Forever 21 
and are $20 each.