Steve Madden Sandals!

Steve Madden shoes are very popular where I live. I am the proud owner of one pair and a lot of people I know have at least one pair, if not three!
This is the pair I own! They are adorable and have held up great for over two years! The only way you would know they weren’t new is from the Steve Madden tag. I am sorry to say it is slightly brown now because of dust and dirt. I bought them for around $7 two plus years ago at TJMaxx in case anyone was wondering!

Right now though, sandals like this are very in style. Steve Madden makes a ton of different colors and patterns of shoes in this style. Personally, I am a big fan of this pair, but for an average of $50 for a pair similar to this, I just can’t afford it. So I recommend Target for shoes that look similar but aren’t actually Steve Madden. Or I recommend TJMaxx, Consignment shops, or ebay for actual ones that are cheaper.

 This shoe is from Target and is only $14.99! Plus, Steve Madden doesn’t even make a cute shoe like this, so I would definitely go for this!

Here are two cute examples of Steve Madden sandals that will be perfect for this spring and summer. I challenge you guys to try and find these for cheaper or try to find knockoff versions somewhere!

So overall, I would say if you can find cheaper Steve Madden shoes like I did, GO FOR IT! I promise you won’t regret buying them because they are comfortable and the quality is good! But I am sure the ones from Target are good quality too and for only $15, I think I might have to run over to Target soon!