Guide to Book bags!

With this school year coming to a close, I thought it would be a good time to do a post about backpacks and everything else you use to carry around books! As you get older, function matters just as much as looks. So I am going to give you some cute back packs that are also functional!
 Urban Outfitters $49. As you already know, lace is a hot trend this spring so putting it on a backpack is genius! I also love the simple gray color of the bag with the brown details. So simple, yet so chic!
Jeffery Campbell $99. Yes, this one is pricey and I know I could never afford to get it. But, I know a lot of people love floral like this and I also know a lot of people love Jeffery Campbell. So for some, this will be the perfect backpack! And for others, it will be waaaay to expensive or too floral or too girly. It just depends on your taste!
Creativebalorina $60 This bag off Etsy is so girly and perfect for spring. The only thing that is not perfect is the price! But I suppose everyone has to make a little money right?
  I know the picture is small, I’m sorry but I can’t get a bigger one! Here is one bag that is the same brand as the one I use to carry books around in. Mine is by Emilie M. just like this one and has similar colors but a different pattern. I got mine for $19.99 at TjMaxx last summer and this one is $40 on ebay. So if you like it, that is still a pretty good price! I would recommend checking out TJMaxx or Marshalls or any store like that near you for cute bags!

X, Scarlett