Winter Must Have #1: Lip Scrubs!

In the winter, our lips face a lot of different conditions and the cold, windy weather begins to take a toll on them. To get rid of dry, flaky lips, try out some of the following lip scrubs. I am going to show you some big brand ones, such as LUSH, and some smaller, home made ones you can buy off Etsy. No matter which ones you buy, I guarantee you will be satisfied!

This peppermint lip scrub off of Etsy is only $2.99 for .75 oz of product! Another thing that makes this product great is that there are no fillers, parabens, or petroleum of any kind in it! Please go check out Body Blooms Skin Care today if you are interested in buying this product, plus they also have other great body products available!

  Lip scrub is a fun, affordable luxury. This is not your typical oil/sugar lip scrub, this is it’s creamy cousin! Made with brown sugar, shea butter and jojoba oil. You apply a small amount and in gentle circular motions, polish away dead skin from your lips. Leave your pucker kissable & smooth! After scrubbing, wipe(or lick!) away excess sugar and you’re left with a moisturizing balm. This lip scrub is only $4.95 and also available off Etsy. The shop is called AubreyEApothecary and the owner also has several other lip scrubs available on her page!
This product is from Philosophy. It is an exfoliating lip scrub for $15. It is $15/ 0.5 oz, so it is more money for less product compared to any of the home made ones from above are. But if your into Philosophy, this is the product for you!

This lip scrub pictured is from LUSH in the bubble gum flavor. Yes, I say flavor since you can eat it too! They have 4 different ones available on their site for only $8.95 each. I would definitely pay that much for a nice lip scrub, but if you want less expensive but still good quality, I can assure you that the handmade ones from above are for you! Especially the one for only $2.99!