New Years Eve Nail Tutorial!

This is a super easy nail tutorial that is great for any nail length. Also, it can be done year round, not just on New Year’s Eve. But I thought it would be good for then, and feel free to switch up the colors to match your outfit!

First start out with your neutral color. I used Mississippi Mud by OPI, but as long as it is a nude color, it doesn’t matter.
Next, take your plum colored small brush nail polish and paint on two lines that intersect. Be as creative as you want with your placement of the lines, but make sure you do the same line placement on each nail. I used the Kiss Nail Art Paint in the color Deep Purple, which you can buy in packs of 3 at Walgreens.
Next, I added a pink glitter streak on top of the top plum streak. Again. this is a Kiss Nail Art Paint from Walgreens and it is in the color Pink Glitter. Sorry that it is hard to see, my webcam is awful!
Next, add 3 gold dots from the place where the plum streak cross to the top of your nail. I did it is a diagonal line, but any way works, it is up to you! The gold is also from Kiss and it is called Gold glitter… very creative…
Lastly, add a silver streak under the bottom plum streak with your other Kiss Nail Art Paint in the color silver glitter.

Hope this gave you some inspiration! Let me know if you would like to see more nail tutorials in the future!