So this post is going to be dedicated to TOMS. They are a shoe store that donates one pair of shoes to someone who needs them every time you buy a pair. So it is kind of a win win situation! You get stylish shoes and you help someone in need! In this post I am just going to show some of their classics for women, but they have mens shoes and different styles on their website,, too. So go check them out today!

Basic black. These only cots $44 and are super cute and comfortable. A good thing about these is that they would go with almost any outfit.

These silver sequined ones are $59, but it is totally worth it if you like them!

Aren’t these just adorable! I can picture a college girl wearing them or a daycare teacher wearing them! No matter who’s wearing them, I can guarantee that their feet will be stylish!

This dark purple/eggnog/plum color is really in this year, for shoes especially. I know personally i have been eyeing some Uggs that are about this color! $54

Red houndstooth pattern for the really edgy and daring girls out there! If you past 25, I wouldn’t really recommend getting these though 😉

Don’t these look so artistic? $68

And yes, they do have pink glitter ones for all you pink sparkly sort of girls! $54

And don’t forget to check out a previous post about a website that sells a couple patterns of TOMS for less. They even have a blue leopard print one for $27!