Shop with me: Part 1 @ Hollister!

Hi! So I thought I would start a little series, along with my winter must have series, where you guys can see what I would buy online. I will show pictures and give you the links to every piece, just like I normally do, except this will be stuff that I love. Hopefully you guys will love it to! To begin wit, we are shopping at Hollister. Right now with the code 35399 you will get 40% off your entire order.

$7.74 Simple V necks tees are always a great staple piece to have. This one is navy is only .

I love the lacey detailing on the shoulders of this and for only $7.74 , who wouldn’t want it!?

$11.94 This shirt is SO adorable and is a little more dressy than just a tee. Add some dark was jeggings and boots and you’re all set!

$11.94 This adorable shirt would be great for layering!

$20.94 I have been wanting a navy hollister hoodie for a long, long time. So getting it this cheap will be an amazing deal!

$17.94 I already did a post just about this sweater, but it is just too cute! I am in love with the little bow!

So without the 40% off, the total comes to $130.40, which I could never spend on just 6 things! But with the 40%, it is only $78.24. BAM! I just saved over $50! And for a nice hoodie, sweater, button down, v neck, and two tanktops, that is a REALLY good deal! By the way, all the prices I listed above are with the 40% already off.

I hope enjoyed this… well… i’m not sure what to call it. Shop with me post i guess… If you have a better  name, leave it below as a comment or email me @