Little Red Backpack

top- Liz Claiborne (similar) | skirt- LOFT (similar) | backpack- Wilson’s Leather

sunglasses- Shein | hoops- Shein | shoes- Birkenstocks 

Today I wanted to share my new favorite accessory on the blog! I bought this backpack about a week before my trip to California, and I figured it wouldn’t come in time. But to my delight it was delivered the day before we left! And it quickly became my go-to bag because it is so cute and just so easy. 

I was never really on the backpack trend until I saw a girl with a red backpack and immediately I knew I needed one. If you have been following you know I love red, and my red Hunter boots have been a favorite of mine. So why not add another fun red accessory?! Except I had to search for days to find one I liked. I knew what I wanted, but I did not want to spend over $100. Which meant that while Michael Kors and Kate Spade have cute options, they were way out of my price range. I found one at Forever 21 that I almost bought, but it had a silver chain and silver hardware. I am a gold girl all the way, and I am not really a fan of chains. So I kept searching and eventually found this one! Luckily when I found it, it was 50% off, plus I got free shipping! So it ended up being $40. Such a good deal for a backpack I loved, and it ended up being just slightly more expensive than the Forever 21 backpack, but I like this one so much more and the quality is better. 

I love it because it fits my camera in the main pocket, my wallet and phone in the middle pocket, and keys, lip balm, gum, etc. in the front pocket. The main pocket also has a little padding in it because it has a sleeve for a tablet, but I either use that for extra protection for my camera or I keep my kindle in there! It has been great because my Kindle or a book (or two!) fits easily if my camera isn’t in there, which has allowed me to read more on the go which is one of my goals! The other day I actually pulled my kindle out while I waited in my car for something and I felt a lot better about that than just scrolling on my phone! 

Also I wanted to mention my top and skirt in this post! I got the top last summer from a thrift store for $2 and the skirt from a consignment shop for $7. Just another example of how it is possible to be stylish yet not break the bank. I tend to like to spend less on clothing because trends go in and out so often. Who knows how long I will even be able to wear this denim skirt before it goes out of style again?! But I will spend a little bit more on accessories, such as this backpack or my Birkenstocks because I know I will use them so often and wear them for years. 

Do you like small backpacks as purses? Let me know in the comments! 

xo, Scarlett