A Day In My Life: T/TH Summer 2018

Since I wrote about my M/W schedule, I wanted to share my Tuesday/Thursday schedule too because it is pretty different! I love that I have variety in my schedule this summer and I am not doing the exact same thing every single day.

8:00- Wake up and do devotions

8:30- Eat breakfast

9:00- Go for a short walk or bike ride

9:30- Get ready for the day

10:00- Go nanny for twin 9 year old girls and a 15 year old girl! Mainly I just drive them to the pool or other places around town to get them out of the house for a few hours. They also just got a new kitten a few weeks ago, so that has been a lot of fun for us to play with it too!

2:00- Finish nannying and drive home to eat a light lunch.

2:30- Work on the blog

Now here’s where my day starts to get a little different! On Tuesdays I eat an early dinner and then go babysit for a different family all evening, so nothing too exciting! But on Thursday’s I will usually get together with a friend in the evening, so here is my Thursday schedule.

4:30- Tackle anything left on my to do list, from blog work to cleaning to sending someone a text.

5:30- Eat dinner

6:30- Hangout with a friend! My summer go to is always ice cream, but obviously it varies what I do and where I give depending on the week. Sometimes it is just a walk or a bike ride with a friend too to get outside and catch up!

9:00- Get back home and shower. Then begin getting ready for bed or finish anything else I need to do before the next day.

10:30- In bed and reading whatever book I am reading at the time.

11:00 or 11:30- Go to sleep!

What does a typical summer day look like for you? Share in the comments! 
xo, Scarlett