February 2018 Bullet Journal Spread

Let’s start with a little confession. I began this bullet journal over the summer and consistently added to my monthly spreads as well as my lists such as my list of books I have read. But in the middle of October once the semester got really busy, I stopped doing monthly spreads and just never really had time to get back into it. But this past week I decided I needed to get back into it and make a monthly spread for February!
I still have been keeping up with my non-monthly pages in my journal, so not all hope is lost! I just hope that in February I can get back into the monthly pages as well.

Since I didn’t have a ton of time to spend on my February spread, all of my pages are pretty simple and there is nothing too fancy. But I still went with a red and pink Valentine’s day theme since that is what I think of when I think of February.

I have been adding my gratitude list to a different journal I use the past few months, but I want to get back to putting it in my bullet journal next month! So I made a simple page to write in 3 things I am grateful for every day.

I also have my habits list again in this month. I haven’t been too good at keeping up some of these habits the past few months, so I am excited to get back into them! I also added in a section at the bottom for goals and a quote to motivate me. I haven’t decided what my monthly goals are quite yet, but I will write that in once I decide!

Finally I have my expenses page. Basically I just write down any time I spend money on this page so at the end of the month I know how much I have spent and I can see if I spent way too much on a certain thing that month and adjust accordingly for the next month.

Overall this layout is super simple, but it works really well for me! Checkout my past bullet journal posts here!

xo, Scarlett