Sit Down With Scarlett: 9.18.17

Since I am starting my third week of classes and starting to get into the groove of school again, I wanted to catch you guys up on what has been happening in my life! September is all pre-scheduled posts besides this one, so it was really nice to sit down and write a blog post again since I haven’t in a few weeks!

First things first, this picture is from the new cat cafe that opened in Grand Rapids! If you live near GR, I highly recommend visiting Happy Cat Cafe. I went with my friend on Friday and it was such a fun experience, and the two ladies who worked and volunteered there were so nice. Also, I had been wanting to go to a cat cafe for a long time, (spoiler alert it is one of the things on my new 101 in 1001 list that will be up at the end of the month!) so I was so happy to finally go to one and get to pet cats for an hour! 

Next, let’s talk about my living situation. I am living in my first apartment this year, which I was really excited about! I am living with my roommate from freshman and sophomore year, and one of our suitemates from freshman year. AKA two of my really good friends, so I was excited to live with the two of them again. So far, it has been great! I feel so lucky when I hear other friends complaining about their housemates since I can’t relate at all.

I also love having a larger space to live in and do not miss the dorms at all. I also don’t have a meal plan this year, which means I have had to make my own food. That has honestly been great since I didn’t like most of the dining hall food and now I can basically make whatever I want. I have tried a few new recipes which has been fun, but I have also learned to love leftovers a lot more. It is just so much easier to make 3 chicken breasts one night and reheat the same thing the next two days than to cook them separately every day!

My classes are also going pretty well so far. 4 out of the 5 classes I am in currently are speech path classes, so that has been really fun! I really am enjoying 3 of them, which probably shows I am in the right major. My favorite class is probably my child language development class, just because it is so interesting to learn how children do develop language. For a project for that class I had to get a speech sample from a 3 year old, which was such a fun assignment compared to other classes!

I chose not to work this year, which felt kind of weird in the beginning! I felt like I had a lot of free time the first week or two, but now classes are starting to pick up and I am very thankful that I chose to just focus on school this year. Plus, I have a little extra time on my hands to blog, so hopefully posts will be up consistently throughout this semester!

I am also beginning to shadow in the clinic this week! I am so excited because I get to shadow one of my housemates in the clinic, which will be fun and helpful when I have questions. The client I am observing is a child, which is great because I love kids and I think that is the population I want to work with once I graduate. It is also crazy to think that at this time next year I will be the one starting grad school, getting my own clients, and having a younger student shadow me!

If you are in school, how has your semester been going? Share in the comments below!
xo, Scarlett