Thrift Store Haul

Recently I have had some great luck at thrift stores near me, or near my grandparents house. I definitely go through thrifting phases, and I always seem to go more and have better luck during the summer. First I will show you what clothing items I bought, but please ignore the wrinkles since I hadn’t even washed them yet when I took these pictures! 

 This top was originally from Target and only $3.99! I love this pattern, and I thought it would be perfect for styling this fall. But let’s be honest, I’ve already worn it many times this summer. 

 This top was only $1.99 and it is Liz Claiborne. It honestly matches almost any color of pants, so I am excited to wear it more this summer! 

This top I saw when I picked up the first Target top a week earlier, but I didn’t feel like actually trying stuff on that visit so I didn’t get it. But when I went back a week later and it was still there, I snagged it. It was only $3.99 and originally from Target as well. It is also like a tunic almost, so it will be so cute with leggings once it cools down! 

I have seen denim shirt dresses everywhere lately, so when I saw this one I was very excited. And when I tried it on I got even more excited because it is a great length on me! I am only 5’2″ so often dresses can go down past my knees (I’m looking at you, Old Navy) but this one is great! It also has pockets, which obviously makes it 10x better. It was only $1.99 and the tag says the brand is Love by Chelsey. I have never heard of that before, but as long as the dress looks cute I don’t care what brand it is! 

Moving on to non-clothing items, I picked up this frame for $5. I really liked the frame, and honestly I think I might be able to salvage the print too and DIY it into something cute. But we will have to see where this goes!

Next I got this butter dish for only $0.25. It is identical to the one my mom has, which was originally my grandmas, and for that cheap I couldn’t pass it up since I will need one this year!

This beauty might just be my favorite thing in this whole post. I got this brass unicorn tape dispenser for only $2! It just looks so majestic sitting on my desk, and I just love it for some reason!

Finally, I got this cat mug for $.50. I obviously love cats, and I really liked how simple this mug is. During the school year I drink at least one cup of tea every day, so I figured I would put this to good use soon!