A Monday In My Life: Spring 2017

Recently I haven’t had much time to blog, let alone read others blogs. But one type of posts that I always love to read is day in my life posts. So today I wanted to run through what a typical Monday in my life looks like this semester. It is also so interesting for me to look back on what a day in my life was like a year or two ago! Also, this semester I don’t start classes until 10:30 on Mondays and Wednesdays, but slowly I have started to love slow mornings even though it means I am in class until after 3.


9:00- Wake up and check phone. 

9:10-Eat breakfast and drink tea while doing devotions

9:30- Get dressed and ready

9:45- Do a little cleaning, reading, or homework that I still have

10:20- Leave for class

10:30- History class 

11:20- Lunch 

11:45- Study 

12:30- Walking class (low key the best class ever. I just get to go for walks in the neighborhoods by my school and catch up with friends. And it counts for PE credit.)

1:30- American Literature

2:30- Developmental Psychology 

3:20- Go back to my room, eat a snack, and do homework

5:00- Dinner

6:00- Work 

8:00- Homework 

9:15- Social events planning meeting- this is only bi-weekly, but I still included it since I had one on this day!

10:00- Shower, get ready for bed, etc

10:30- Homework 

11:30-12- Sleep

Every day of my week is pretty different this semester, but this is a glimpse at what a typical Monday looks like! Comment below any other college related posts you would like to see!

xo, Scarlett