How To Get Organized on Christmas Break

Ahhhh. The sweet smell of Christmas and the great feeling of being able to sleep in and not worry about school. Christmas break is a great time to have fun with friends and family, but it is also a good time to get organized. Between studying, socializing, and sleeping, there isn’t much time in a college student’s schedule to do much else. This means life can get a little chaotic and disorganized by the time a busy semester is over. Today I am going to share a few ways that I will be getting organized over break, and I hope some of you will be inspired to organize your life before second semester hits!

-clean out your backpack-
I can’t even tell you how many gum and candy wrappers are currently in the bottom of my backpack after spending almost 2 weeks straight locked up in the library. Sometimes a trash can was a few steps away, but honestly it was just easier to toss the wrapper in my backpack and keep studying.

-back up your phone-
I am horrible at backing up my phone, but I would be devastated if anything happened to my pictures on there! Take the time over break to back it up to your computer, and even again to an external hard drive if you are feeling ambitious!

-organize your computer files-
Delete things from the previous semester that you no longer need, and archive things into folders. I like to keep my desktop fairly neat and clean, so I will be removing all of the files from it!

-organize your inbox-
Delete all those old emails from the semester that you don’t need and archive the important ones so you can easily find them

-order next semester’s books-
Start planning ahead for next semester by looking around and getting the best deals on the books you need!

-get rid of old notes-
I keep notes and papers from my major related classes, but not from core classes like Statistics or Music. Take this time to get rid of old notes and organize the ones you want to keep!

How are you planning to get organized for the new year? Share in the comments below!
xo, Scarlett