How To Make The Most Of Your Dorm Room

After living in a very small space for over a year, I think I finally have discovered how to utilize every nook and cranny, as well as make the space feel clean and cozy. At the school I go to, most people live in the dorms for 2 years, then move into a house or apartment, so that is what my roommate and I did. We actually ended up staying in the exact same room as last year, so honestly our room is pretty similar to last years. I can do an updated tour soon if you guys want since we do have a slightly different set up, though most of our decorations are similar!

1. Add string lights- let’s be honest. The flourescent overhead light is not making your room feel like home, so I recommend buying a string or two of lights to hang and use instead. I honestly never use my overhead light because my string lights are bright enough, which is great.

2. Buy a cart- if you find yourself running out of shelf room, buy a little cart from IKEA to store snacks, dishes, school supplies, etc in. We didn’t have one last year, but got one before this year started and it has been so nice to store all of our teas, mugs, and dishes in it!

3. Don’t be afraid to decorate- before I came to school I always heard of people warning about not to bring too many knick knacks or things to decorate with. While that is somewhat true, having a few cute things to place on a shelf can make the room feel a lot more personal. Posters and framed prints are great too since they just fill up blank wall space!

4. Buy a rug- one thing that I highly recommend doing is buying a rug. If you don’t have a lot of patterns in your room, consider buying one to add a pattern in. My roommate and I got a fuzzy white rug since our bedspreads both have pretty bold patterns. And I am 99% sure people only come to our room to lay on our fuzzy rug…

5. Keep it clean- You would be surprised at how cluttered and dirty a room looks if the beds aren’t made and there are belongings thrown all over the floor. Taking a few minutes to tidy up can really make your room feel bigger and more inviting. Also, take the time to vacuum and dust your room regularly to keep dirt to a minimum.

Those are just 5 of my tips to make the most of your dorm room. What tips do you have? Share in the comments below!
xo, Scarlett