6 Unusual Things Your Dorm Room NEEDS

While it is hard to believe August is already here, I wanted to embrace back to school season and share some things that you might not think to bring to your dorm, but might end up needing.

-white noise machine- 
My roommate and I just kept a fan on every night which drowns out some of the noise from outside and the hallway! If you aren’t a fan of fans (haha couldn’t resist) then investing in a white noise machine could be a good idea!

You never know when it will be someone’s birthday, or when you need to send a thank you card. Plus many of your friends will be scattered throughout the country now, and it is so fun to send and receive mail at college!

-first aid kit- 
I put together a box of pills, bandaids, etc. to bring with me and keep in my closet for emergencies. I don’t use it often, but when I need some medicine or a bandaid I am thankful I have it.

-sewing kit- 
I personally don’t have one of these, but I know one of the girls on my floor did and used it a few times last year. If you are constantly losing buttons or finding holes in your clothes, this might be a good idea!

-drawing supplies-
While you might not need markers and colored pencils for school anymore, it can be a good idea to keep this stuff in your room. If the urge to doodle hits, you will be prepared. It is also great if you need to color signs or anything!

-duct tape-
I had a thing of duct tape with me last year, and I can’t tell you how many times it got used. And I honestly don’t even think I used it once, but other people seemed to need it pretty often to fix things that had broken!

This was something I didn’t bring last year, but I am planning to bring this year. It is way easier to just slip them on to go do laundry or run to the floor kitchen than to find real shoes.

What is one thing you didn’t think you would need but ended up wishing you had? Share in the comments!

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xo, Scarlett