10 Things To Do Between Classes

Sometimes I find myself with a 30 minute break between class, and I notice that I am usually not very productive during that time. I don’t feel like starting on homework because it is usually in the morning and it is so short that I wouldn’t be able to accomplish much. But there are still plenty of things I could be doing instead so today I wanted to share a list that I’ve made to keep myself productive.

-clean your dorm room

-wash dishes

-take a shower

-reply to emails

-organize your agenda 

-call a friend/ family member

-catch up with someone down the hall

-take a short nap

-journal/ have devotions

-fold laundry

It is a great idea to do some of these smaller tasks that can slip through the cracks on busier days. It is so easy to get disorganized and behind on chores, but if you take advantage of short breaks it makes it much easier to stay on top of everything! 

What do you do during short breaks? Share in the comments!

xo, Scarlett