2015: A Year In Review

This year has been such a memorable year. When the year began, I had no idea where I would end up at college. I didn’t know I would end up traveling to a few new places and make many new friends. So many unknowns led to a fabulous year. For today’s post I wanted to do a little trip down memory lane to recap the year:

In February I got the urge to cut off 6-8 inches of my hair! I wouldn’t have thought that I would have done it because I loved my long hair but I am so glad I did. 

In March I went on a trip with all my friends to Puerto Rico! Definitely wishing I could go back now that it is cold outside. 


In April I went on a trip to D.C. for a week. Still can’t get over how pretty this building is. 

In May I was able to not take finals (gotta love senior year!) and go on a spontaneous trip to St. Louis instead of being stuck in a classroom. 

And just a few days later I graduated high school! 

In June I traveled up to Minnesota and went to a baseball game as well as the Mall of America. 

Then about a week later I got my wisdom teeth out and had a good excuse to read books and watch movies. 

In July I celebrated the fourth and I got my first real job. 

Then in September I moved to Michigan for college! Definitely a big change but in just one semester I have already made great friends. 

Unfortunately I don’t have anything from October, mainly because it was filled with midterms. I did go to 2 great concerts, see countless gorgeous sunsets, visit home, and go to a masquerade dance, but unfortunately I was a bad blogger and didn’t capture any of it on my blog Instagram. At the beginning of November I went on a road trip to visit one of my friends from high school at her college. Loved this print that was hanging in her basement! Then right before Thanksgiving I participated in a dance group for a dance show at my school. It was not something I thought I would do, but I am glad I stepped out of my comfort zone and joined! 

Then December brought my birthday, my 4 year blogiversary, finals, and Christmas! I love everything about December, except for finals.

Overall, it has been a great year but it is very weird that 2015 is ending. Since it was a graduation year, it was a year I have looked forward to for basically all my life. Now that is it ending it feels weird, but I can’t wait to see all the fun and adventures that 2016 brings! 

xo, Scarlett