Hello It’s Me Again

I cannot believe it has been over a month since my last post. The transition into college has been fun, yet a lot of work, so finding time to blog has been nearly impossible. But I am hoping to begin posting at least semi-regularly again, so here is a quick update on what’s been going on.

No one warned me that you are literally never bored in college. Like, ever. As if the daily homework and studying wasn’t enough, there are always more papers and upcoming school things I could be doing. Also, I am constantly surrounded by friends since I live in a dorm, so if I want to do something fun there is always someone watching a movie or going somewhere. There are also so many fun events, and I am a part of a few different groups which keep me busy. And I really have enjoyed college so far, but it has been difficult to find inspiration or time to blog.

I just have had to keep in mind the past few months that blogging is just a hobby and school is much more important. While I would rather be blogging or reading a good book, it is a smarter idea to get a head start on the paper that’s due soon.

Recently I have really missed blogging though, so I have been reading a few of my favorite blogs and spending a few minutes here and there on Pinterest to get re-inspired. I am so excited to be posting again, and I can’t wait to create more fun content.

xo, Scarlett