Monday Mash-up {8.10.15}

This past week was such a busy week but such a fun week! I work every morning, but in the afternoons and evenings I was able to hangout with friends and buy more things for college. It was a great week from exploring downtown to visiting a nearby apple orchard one last time to have a donut and apple cider before I leave for college to playing tennis to having a bonfire. I barely was even online this week, but luckily there were a few good things I read that I wanted to share.

How cute and cozy is this bed?! 

I am all for color, but something about this neutral office caught my eye! 

If you have been bitten by the wanderlust bug and are planning to travel alone soon, take a look at this article

Have you ever wondered what normal people would look like in major fashion campaigns? Now you can know

Did you catch this post from last week? A great read for all girls still in school!

That’s all for this week’s mash-up! Have a lovely Monday!

xo, Scarlett