DIY Paint Splatter Wall Art

If you read other blogs you have probably seen some posts about the bloggers back to school link-up! This week I am so excited to participate and share this fun DIY with you guys!

First visit your favorite craft store and pick up paint, a canvas, and stickers! I got all of my items from Michaels, but most craft stores should carry these. Don’t forget to look for coupons online, because you can usually save some money!

Pick colors that match the space your art will go into. I chose colors that would match my bed spread for my dorm room! Then dip your brush in the paint and flick your wrist to do the splatters. You can test on a piece of paper if you want, but honestly every splatter comes out different and that is what makes it cool.

I thought I was going to use the word HELLO the whole time I was making it, but I decided at the last minute to switch it up to create instead. I recommend cutting out your stickers and placing them where you think they want to go first. That is how I realized HELLO just did not seem to fit! I also recommend adding the stickers after the paint so you don’t get paint on them. Lastly, I did have to add extra adhesive to the back of a few stickers that did not want to stick for some reason.

Overall it is a really inexpensive and easy project that could be a great addition to any room! What word would you choose if you made one? Share in the comments!

xo, Scarlett