What Do You Collect?

I’ve always found collections to be so interesting. Some people collect matchboxes, others collect magnets, while some (like my friend!) collect charms from every country they have been to. I have never made a conscientious collection of anything because I am not a fan of tacky pieces sitting around on shelves collecting dust. But I have noticed quite a few collections recently that have made me want to start collecting something cool too. I really love the collections where people buy something new when they go to a new place to add to their collection. Or the collections that are actually used, such as teacups!


If I had to say one thing I am currently collecting, I would have to say nail polish because I have dozens and dozens of bottles. And I paint my nails at least once a week so I think I can justify it. I think. I am also getting quite the shoe collection… but that’s a different story.

Here are a few collection ideas that I have heard of recently that I think are a fun idea!

Even if it is not Christmas, you can usually find one somewhere when you travel. Then you can be reminded of your travels every Christmas! 

It is always fun to try new foods in new countries, so why not buy a cookbook and try to recreate some even after you return home? An added bonus to this one is having a cute cookbook to display in your kitchen.

-Foreign Coins
I actually do have a small collection of foreign coins that have come into my possession over the years. I currently have them sitting away in a drawer, but they could look neat displayed in a bowl or you can add magnets and attach them to your fridge!

 How to Clean Coins With Coke.  Cleaned, then framed some of our foreign coins. Looks really good!


Do you collect something? It is so fun to hear what other people collect, and even better to see it! I also love it when someone shares the story behind a piece of their collection, or even the story behind it all! Share in the comments if you collect anything! Maybe I’ll be persuaded to collect something similar…

xo, Scarlett