Summer Blogging Goals

Summer is always a time when I sit down and evaluate my blogging goals, and make new goals to reach by the end of the summer. I find myself having more free time to blog and network during the summer, so it is always exciting to set and reach big goals.


-Comment more-

This summer I am commenting more on other blogs, as well as replying to comments I receive on my own. I have always tried to do this, but most days it gets pushed to the bottom of the list and ends up untouched. This summer I am commenting on a handful of different blogs a couple times each week when I find myself with 15 or 20 minutes of free time. 

-Reach 3,000 Pinterest followers-

I just reached 2.4 K and I feel it is something I can achieve as long as I keep pinning… and let’s be honest I definitely will 😉

-Post at least 3x each week-

For a long time I posted 5 days each week, but as life has gotten busier and changed I am not able to do that every week. But I know I can at least do 3 good posts every week if I try.

-Do another DIY post-

My DIY globe has gotten so much attention recently it has made me want to find something else to DIY! It is so fun to get creative and you guys seem to like reading about them as well! 

I need to keep reminding myself this as I continuously argue with my mom about what I want from my life rather than what she wants for me

Those are all my goals for this summer. Of course I am always working to grow my following and my number of pageviews, but those are a few key areas I am choosing to focus more  on in the coming months. Also, a big thank you to Jamie for inviting me to join in and share my summer blogging goals today!

What are your goals for this summer?

xo, Scarlett