Week in My Life: 5/03-5/10

Recently I have seen multiple bloggers and youtubers do posts or videos that highlight their past week. I think it is a fun to get a glimpse into their life beyond just blogging, so I decided to snap a few extra pictures this week to document what I was doing my second to last week of high school! It will also interesting to look back in a few months or years to see what I was doing! 

 On Sunday I went to church in the evening with a friend, then we went out to dinner at Dairy Queen. 

We then went to the lake to eat our brownie ice cream sundae. Can I just say how amazing this treat is. I thought it would be a 6 or a 7 out of 10, but no it is at least a 9/10. The brownie is warm and the ice cream is the perfect addition. Adding on whip cream, chocolate fudge, and chocolate shavings make it even better! 

 On the drive back from the lake I had to snap this gorgeous picture of the sunset. 

 Monday was my second to last Monday of high school! That evening I did some homework and then I went to babysit! I decided to do a little heart craft with 3 of the kids. 

 Tuesday (and almost every other evening) was filled with studying and other schoolwork. I had my last Spanish test this week! All of my studying paid off too, since I got the 2nd highest grade in the class.

  There are so many dandelions right now! Though they are weeds and not necessarily the best, I couldn’t resist snapping a picture to capture the detail! I spent most of Wednesday afternoon outside and then spent the evening at my last small group! Love my small group girls 😀

 As most of you know, there were half price frappuchino’s at Starbucks through May 10th! My friends and I took advantage of this by studying there Thursday afternoon. My go to frappe is the double chocolatey chip!

 Friday night I babysat again, but when I got home I found some of The Tonight Dough in my freezer! I had wanted to try it, and it did not disappoint! It might even be better than the DQ treat I  shared about at the beginning of the post!

On Saturday my family visited my grandma and then ate lunch out. In the afternoon we came home and I finished my last project of high school! Then I spent some time outside with Chester. I also managed to read an entire book on Saturday… like I said, I have been on a major reading kick lately and I cannot wait until I have even more time this summer to read! 

One of the gifts I got my mom was this turtle car air freshener clip. I knew she wanted a new one for summer, and when I saw this little guy I couldn’t resist! 

Lastly, here is the card I made for my mom. Nothing too fancy, but I love the colors!

Do you guys like these posts that give you a bigger glimpse into my life? Would you like to see more in the coming months? Let me know in the comments!

xo, Scarlett