Pinterest Home Inspiration

Recently I have found myself pinning a ton of home decor pins on Pinterest, so today I wanted to compile a few of my favorites! I have always loved redoing my room and switching things up (hence all the DIY decoration posts I have been doing…) so I am really excited to move out at the end of this summer. Even though I will be moving into a dorm which will probably be smaller than my room now… it is still a new space to decorate! 

pops of color 

I love mirrored furniture because it makes the room appear bigger!

tiled mantle. 

Patterned tile around the fireplace?! What a fun idea!

yep it's prep: bedroom inspiration 

The pops of green and the plant make this room feel very outdoorsy to me. Plus, a blanket with pom poms?! Where can I find this blanket

painted window trim 

The yellow is really unexpected, yet it brightens the whole room!

Table and chairs 

I also love these bright chairs! I think this set up would look adorable on a patio!

Which of these is your favorite? Tell me in the comments!

xo, Scarlett