Monday Mash-up {4.27.15}

Well it has been a few weeks since I have done a mash-up, but I am so happy to be back! I love reading other people’s posts where they share their favorite internet finds from the week, and I also love sharing mine 🙂 

 5 Cities to Travel to This Spring #theeverygirl 

First off, I loved reading this article about 5 cities everyone should travel to in the spring. Plus, I traveled to two of these locations in the past month or so, so I guess I got the memo? 😉

Confession: I have an addiction to sourcing Persian and Turkish rugs  online. They add warmth, character and sophistication to any room. I think  all homes need to incorporate a few vintage or antique pieces and a rug is  the perfect way to do just that.   If you're scared to commit in a big way, purchase a smaller rug and try it  out in your entry, kitchen or bathroom.   So, where do you find these rugs? Although it can be a little risky (and  time consuming to scroll through dozens of ... 

I also have decided I really like the look of Persian/ Turkish rugs. Especially in a room like this that has a lot of white so it still looks modern and does not look cluttered at all! Personally I think they add warmth and character wherever they are placed!

 California Country_Kitchen_Emily Henderson_blue wood concrete tile open shelving causal_2


Who else loved Sarah’s office tour? I always love all the house tours (and basically every post!) on The Glitter Guide! 


I absolutely loved this post by Krista! And now I do want a bright yellow raincoat… 

Have a fabulous week!

xo, Scarlett