Saturday Morning Routine: Spring 2015


I always love watching videos or reading about other people’s routines, so today I decided to share mine! A while back, I shared my week day morning routine, and not much has changed except for the fact that at this point of the year I don’t get up as early and I cut a few things out lol.


Wakeup and read. I have been trying not to check my phone first thing in the morning, but it is difficult since my phone is the only clock I have so when I want to see what time it is, I also end up seeing all my notifications. Now I also keep my Kindle by my bed and feed at least a few pages from it while I am lounging. I also cannot sleep in until later than 10 or else I feel like I have wasted my entire day!


By 10 I try to at least be up. I will usually eat a light breakfast around this time, such as a bagel or granola bar. I also spend a few minutes writing my weekend to do list if I have not already done that.


I usually spend a little bit of time on Saturday catching up on my favorite blogs. During the week I don’t have much time to do anything blog related, so I spend Saturday catching up. 


I have found that the lighting is really good in the middle of the day around this time, so if I have to take any blog pictures indoors (such as the one in this post!) I will take it around this time!


I will begin homework or writing posts for next week at this time. Basically for the next few hours I will just be getting things done from my to do list, unless I have plans. Many of my friends sleep in until the early afternoon, so I usually have a few hours to work. 

Then that is the end of my morning! The rest of my day varies greatly depending on whether I am babysitting, hanging out with friends, shopping, or just relaxing at home! Every Saturday is different, but many of them look like the schedule above 🙂

How do you spend your Saturday mornings? Share in the comments1

xo, Scarlett