Q&A- March 2015


 Today I am doing a short Q&A. I tried to get people to send in questions, but I only got a few! Do you ever feel like people always want to know things until the time actually comes… then they all disappear? Because that’s definitely how I felt! Since I did get a few, I still wanted to answer them.

1. What are you majoring in when you go to college? 

I am planning on majoring in Speech Pathology! This usually shocks people in the blogging world because they expect me to say something fashion related. But I just cannot see myself being a PR person or something like that. For me, blogging and fashion are a hobby, and I feel if I devoted my entire life to it I wouldn’t enjoy it as much. I do hope to still see my blog grow and see where it might take me, but I don’t plan on making it my full time job. 

2. Where are you going to college?

Well , I don’t know for sure yet but I have it narrowed down to two. One is about 3 hours from where I live and the other is 5, so not too close but not to far. I am choosing not to share where I am looking at just because I will be going to one of them and I would rather keep that private, for now at least. 

3. Are you traveling for spring break? If so, where?

I am not traveling on my actual spring break. But the week before I will be in Puerto Rico! I leave in less than a week and I am too excited. I have been looking forward to this trip for years and years, so it is crazy to think that it is almost here. Then in April I am traveling with my family to Washington DC. So I kinda get 2 extra spring breaks, but I will be spending my official spring break relaxing with friends at home!

4. What is your favorite store? 

I shop from a wide variety of stores, but Gap and J. Crew have been recent favorites! 

5. What will you miss most from high school?

I go to a pretty small school, so my class is pretty close. For example, last Friday the senior girls had a hangout night/sleepover at someone’s house and most of the class showed up. Everyone says high school is filled with drama, but our class is so drama free. Sure, we had our fair share in junior high, but now we are all friends. So I will miss the people in my class the most! 

If you have any other questions,  you can comment below and I will answer them 🙂

xo, Scarlett