Top 10 Inexpensive January Date Ideas

During the winter it can be hard to find good ideas for things to do with friends or family. I am here with some unique ideas to kick-start your brain and to help you get out and about even in the colder months.

1. Go to a pottery place and paint pretty pieces for your home or for gifts! The picture above in of a mug I painted at a pottery place that is near where I live.

2. Go ice skating indoors or outdoors! Where I live there is only one indoor rink that I know of, but I am hoping to go at least once this winter!

3. Bake cookies together! Browse through a cookbook or Pinterest and find a recipe that looks good. Then try to recreate it. Don’t forget to taste test the cookie dough 😉

4. Try taking a new class. This could be a baking class, a dance class, or something else! If you live in a bigger city you probably have many more options, but I promise if you look around you will be able to find someone to teach you something!

5. Go to an arcade and spend some quarters on arcade games.

6. If you live near a museum, try taking an evening to check it out.

7. Visit a new coffee shop together. I know my town has plenty of little bakeries and coffee shops that I have yet to try, so I am planning to try more in 2015!

8. Go bowling! I feel like most people don’t go bowling anymore, but it actually can be fun if you go with a group. If you have an alley near you, I highly recommend going one day when you are bored.

9. Go see a play or a musical together. Even if you don’t live in a place that has professional plays and musicals, you can see if any local schools are putting on shows one night.

10. If you don’t feel like going out, stay in and have a game night. Last summer I had a game night with some of my close friends and it was SO much fun. I recommend having a group over for this, but it would be fun as long as you had 2+ people! (Unless you are into solitaire, then go ahead and have a game night for one haha!) 

What do you do for fun during the colder months when you can’t do outdoor activities easily? Share in the comments!

xo, Scarlett