Nothing Will Work Unless You Do


Here’s a little secret… one of my biggest pet peeves is when people want something, but they don’t want to work and they just want it handed to them. I see people doing this in every part of my life, from school to blogging:

  • People want to get that 100 on a test, maybe they even need to, but they only study for 10 minutes and then complain when they don’t achieve what they needed to. 
  • Currently one of my friends and I have an opportunity to do something, but it will require a decent amount of work ahead of time. I am accustomed to working for what I want, because I have learned never to turn down a good opportunity if at all possible. (S/O to blogging for helping me realize this!) She is still on the fence though because she doesn’t want to work for it. Hearing that literally made me die a little inside. 
  • I also constantly see bloggers make goals such as “Reach x followers by x date.” But then you see them not posting consistently and barely putting effort in. Sure, some followers will still come I am sure. But you can’t expect massive growth unless you put in countless hours too. 

Writing this made me remember a post that Caroline posted last week about hidden opportunities. It is SO true that there are opportunities hidden in your failures. Believe me, nothing motivates me like failing to reach a goal!

I just want to encourage you guys to work hard this week and don’t expect things to be given to you. That is not how life works! 

xo, Scarlett