Monday Mash-up {11.24.14}

This week I am very excited because I get a whole week off from school… gotta love holidays lol! Last Friday was a great day at school though because we started off the day with donuts and we got chips and salsa in study hall… I feel like I spent the whole day eating. Oops. Anyways, onto the mash-up!

The real stories behind these 10 mysterious designer names 

The real stories behind 10 designer names


I loved this post from Tiffany at Style Honestly. I always love reading about great deals other people got, so this list was great!

Caroline shared a few awesome tips what will come in handy for Thanksgiving and Christmas!

Peonies No. 1 by Amy Stone
Design Darling is now selling a few Amy Stone prints! Hello, best idea ever! I’ll take one of each, please and thank you.

Red A-line Midi Skirt
I have seen so many red midi skirts recently, and now I am dying to get one for myself considering how perfect they are for December! 

I haven’t shared any favorite songs in a while, so I wanted to share two that I have been playing over and over and over the past week or so. Like I haven’t been able to get Geronimo out of my head for the past 5 days at least and I am constantly singing it under my breath… oops.

And when I was telling one of my friends to listen to Safe With Me by Sam Smith, they actually asked if it was a parody of Stay With Me. Uhh no. Very different but yet very good. Listen for yourself!

And that’s a wrap!
Let me know what your favorite song is at the moment in the comments!
xo, Scarlett