Monday Mash-up {11.03.14}


Now that November has arrived, I am already becoming obsessed with holiday looks such as this one! 


Zippers have been a big trend recently, especially on sweaters! I love how this one is paired with polka dots!

Are we out of the woods yet— K + A || love the new website by Katy and Allegra! 

Some of you might know of the Youtuber HelloKaty. She recently started a blog with her friend Allegra… and if I told you I was obsessed with it that would be an understatement.  


Recently my friends and I have been obsessed with cake pops (proof in this picture lol!) so we have been searching for a good recipe to make! If you have a good recipe, please share! 

Free Printable: Just Be Happy 

Keep this quote in mind as you go through your week!

xo, Scarlett