Monday Mash-up and Q&A

How are we already almost to the middle of October?! Before long it will be Christmas! Last week marked the end of the first quarter for me… I am officially 1/4 of the way through senior year! This past week was also really crazy but also really good! I was inducted into National Honor Society on Thursday and had lots of papers and tests last week. On Friday I didn’t have school, so I was able to go to brunch with quite a few people from my class and went shopping with two good friends afterwards. On Saturday I had lunch with my grandparents and then Saturday night I (finally!) saw Gone Girl! Lastly, on Sunday I got my senior pictures taken! Here’s to hoping this week will be a little less chaotic but just as fun 🙂

stripes + plaid.

I love how great these patterns look together!


In case you missed it, here is a post on how to promote blog posts!

How To Survive Tough Classes | The Trendy Chick 

If you have tough classes this semester, I recommend reading this post


On Saturday I participated in the Feeling Fall linkup with a few other greats girls! It was so much fun to share my look and to see all  the other outfits. 

This past week Arvo Clan shared one of my pictures on their Instagram too!

A great mix of textures and colours: neutrals + plum 

How perfect is this outfit for fall? I love everything about it! 

Lastly, please leave any questions in the comments of this post! I am planning a Q&A post soon, but I need more questions in order to do that! I had some lovely ladies leave some on this Instagram picture, but I would still love more! Ask anything about me or my blog, or whatever questions you want!

That’s all for this week! I won’t have a post up tomorrow since I posted last Saturday, but check back Wednesday for another blogging advice post!

xo, Scarlett