Catching My Breath

From this FP blog post:    "A lot of the time we ignore the true callings of our body because emotions like stress very cleverly disguise our honest needs and turn them into dishonest actions..."  Meaning, mindless actions, which are inevitably self-destructive.  Focused breathing is the antidote.  :) 


I just wanted to do a quick update post today to let you guys all know what is happening in my life. The past few weeks I have been so busy between school and volleyball and everything else. And I currently have my second cold in the past month. Also, on Saturday I took the ACT for the 3rd time and this week is Homecoming Week. I have also been applying for scholarships, awards, and other things, plus I still have to apply to college! As you can see, I have been really busy and I feel I need to step back from blogging for a while.

But don’t get me wrong. I will still be posting a few days a week… you can’t get rid of me that easily! I just won’t be doing Monday-Friday like I had originally hoped to keep up. I do  I am hoping to do 3-4 per week still and keep up on social media as much as possible. Within a few weeks I hope to be back to 5 every week so keep an eye out for that!

Thanks so much for understanding that I need to step back and catch my breath before I come back and create more amazing content! I have lots of plans for November and December, so I can’t wait to begin working on those! 

Happy Monday!

xo, Scarlett