What I Read In Summer 2014

This summer I made it a goal to read 20+ books. Today I wanted to share which books I actually did read!

19288043 3228917 

15851928 8564644 8492825 

 146492 11281852 5886881 

10335308 18599776 12294652 

 146493 42156 13526165

16248148 146494 146497

 9677320 280111

                                (I read all of Psalms over the summer, not the whole Bible!)

As you can see I just barely reached my goal! The last few weeks of summer I really pushed myself to finish the last few books even though I could have been doing other things. Honestly, once I get into a good book I cannot put it down though, so it really wasn’t that hard 😉 

What books did you read this summer? What are you going to read soon? Tell me in the comments!

xo, Scarlett