Monthly Musts: August  

Again, I am happy to say that I completed July’s list! These little monthly lists have really helped me stay on track these past few months and I am really excited to share this months and begin it!

MUST WATCH- I believe that the movie If I Stay comes out later in August, so I really want to watch that because I read and loved the book!

MUST DO- Make my locker cute this year. Last year I literally had one magnet up because my locker was so messed up that I had to slam it to shut it… so half of the time I didn’t even bother shutting it because I go to a small school where no one really steals… and sure if you want to steal my physics book go ahead!!

MUST WEAR- different outfits. Sometimes I get into the habit of wearing almost the exact same outfit just a week or so later because I go to a school with a dress code so I can’t be too “out there.”

MUST MAKE- Make the most out the the beginning of this year! I personally really don’t like August because school begins. But I can enjoy my last few weeks off and then try to make the most of the rest of the month even though school and extracurricular activities basically take over my life… but at least I am a senior this year which means less classes and more time at home… probably to study lol! 

MUST GO- Back to school shopping. I generally use a lot of the same supplies year after year, but of course some things don’t last so I need to stock up!

MUST FEEL- Healthy. My school is literally a big germ pool… I ALWAYS get sick just a few weeks into school. It’s horrible. 

What do you want to this month? Share in the comments!

xo, Scarlett