Back To School Shopping List

I already created a Back To School Fashion Essentials post, but this post is a little different. That post was about a few essentials that I feel every girl needs to start the year off right. This post is about what is personally on my shopping list this year!


1. A basic blazer– I actually don’t own any blazers (insert shocked face and gasps here) so I really want to find a cute one that I can wear! I go to a private school so I have a dress code, and sometimes a blazer could come in handy if I want to look really put together! 

2. A new pair of flats– I don’t own many flats because I personally hate the look of them if any of my toe “cracks” can be seen with them on. So I am on the hunt for another pair or two that fit me well! 

3. Rompers– I love the look of rompers so much, but I have the hardest time finding ones that I actually feel look good on me. Most are pretty short on me because I do have a long torso, so that makes it even harder to find one that works. 

4. A cute travel mug- Once it gets colder out, sometimes it is nice to be able to take hot drinks with you when you go to school or just running errands. I have been eying this Kate Spade one because my hands are ALWAYS cold. 

5.  Scarf with tassels- As you know, I am obsessed with the tassels trend. Since I have a tassel keychain and necklace and a tassel bag, why not add a cute scarf too?! I think this one is pretty cute! 

What are you planning on buying before school starts? Tell me in the comments! 

xo, Scarlett