{Trendy Talks} Shannon from Prep Avenue

For this Trendy Talks, I decided to interview Shannon from Prep Avenue! Shannon is so nice and I love reading through her blog. How cute is she?! Keep reading to learn something new about her! 


1. How did your blog begin?
I’ve always had a love for all things preppy, and especially clothes. We moved to Raleigh the summer before my Junior year of high school. I was having an extremely hard time adjusting to my new school, and not to mention it was the first time I wasn’t living on a military base since I was in elementary school! My blog served as an escape from all that and a chance write about something I was passionate about!

2. Where does the name Prep Avenue come from? I wish it had this fun significance behind it or a creative story…but honestly it really doesn’t. I had the idea to come up with my blog before I even had a name! I had my first post written for probably a month or two before I even had a blog to post it on! So I guess the name came out of frustration. I had so many ideas for my first few posts and I couldn’t post any of them because I was trying to come up with a name! Finally I just settled on the name because I couldn’t come up with anything else!

3. Where do you get inspiration for new posts? I’m not going to lie, sometimes it’s hard to come up with original ideas for posts that everyone else hasn’t blogged about. There are times when I have a burst of creativity and I’m ready to sit down and write 20 posts, and then there are other times when I’m completely out of ideas and frustrated. I use pinterest a lot for inspiration, and strangely one of my favorite places to get inspiration is at a book store! I could sit there for hours looking through all kinds of books learning about every subject imaginable!
4. What was your favorite post you have ever written? Hmmmm… that’s a hard one. I think I have it narrowed down to two. The first one is a more recent one. #Gettingreal is about the power of social media. We all tend to compare our lives to other accounts that make their world look perfect through editing and filters (we’re all guilty). We compare our college experience against someone else’s college Facebook album. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. has the power to glorify your life and make it look like you’re living a near perfect life. When in reality, most of our lives aren’t posted on any social media platform. The second post is a letter I wrote to the incoming freshman class last year just before graduating. It’s a letter encouraging these rising freshman to take advantage of the precious memories they’re going to make during the next 4 years and not to wish it away.

5. What are your favorite blogs? Confession: I set my alarm clock a few minutes early, that way I can catch up on all my favorite blogs in the morning before getting my day started. I love reading about what’s going on in everyone’s lives! On that note, I’d have to say one of my all time favorite bloggers is Mackenzie Horan. I’m in love with her sense of style and we share an obsession with Navy. Another one of my favorites is Mimosa and Monroe. They have a very “Kate Spade” sense of style and I can only dream of dressing like them one day!

6. What are your favorite places to shop? Ugh!! I wish I had a more exciting answer to this one and not such cliché stores. I love J. Crew for all my essential wardrobe pieces (cardigans, jeans, chinos), I’ve always loved Lilly, especially for summer! I also love stores like C. Wonder, Polo, Vineyard Vines, and recently I’ve found tons of great deals at Old Navy!

7. What 3 words best describe your personal style? Well I think I’m still discovering my personal style. I think that sometimes I like something just because everyone else likes it. So I think slowly, I’m uncovering what I like and why I like it. So if I had to define my personal style in 3 words, I’d say: classic, original, and preppy.

8. Is there anything you plan on accomplishing this summer? I have tons of things on my summer goal list! Some things like updating the music on my phone and organizing my email have been on my to-do list for ages. I am also working a lot on my blog this summer before school starts and I have to switch my focus to school work. This summer I also have an internship with Moon and Lola!

9. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Ahhh 5 years. well in 5 years I’ll be 2 years out of college (which is crazy)! Ideally, I’d love to be in NYC. My dream job would to be to work in a communication department of some kind of fashion company. I have a love for marketing, advertising, and social media that I would love to pursue after college. I absolutely love the hustle and bustle of New York so if I was able to land a job there I would be on cloud nine.




Share in the comments if you have anything in common with Shannon! I loved reading her answers. Don’t forget to checkout her posts!

xo, Scarlett