DIY Post- It Note Lanterns

 I am so excited to share another fun and easy DIY today since I got so much great feedback on DIY tassels post! I came up with the idea to create this because of this post, which I found on Pinterest. I decided to make mini ones and try it with post it notes since they seemed to be a great size in the first place!

 This is all you really need. I also ended up using string so I could hang them up on my wall as decoration.

 The first step is folding it in half. Make sure the sticky strip is vertical when you fold it horizontally. This picture kind of shows how the sticky part is on the left side on the inside when I fold it.

 Next you cut little strips. Be careful not to cut all the way through! Again, the sticky part it on the left hand side on the inside.

 Now it is time to carefully unfold it and fold it kind of like a circle. In this picture the sticky part is on the right hand side on the inside. Since I used sticky notes, they stuck together without tape. Depending on how sticky your notes are, you can add tape to be on the safe side.

 Next I just took a small strip of paper and taped it to the inside on each side so I could hang it.

Here is the finished look! I have three things hanging on one wall, so in the two spaces between them I hung up my lanterns! I would not recommend actually putting candles or anything inside of these to make them light up because they are made out of paper and could easily catch on fire! I think these are the perfect little cute decorations, and I am definitely going to make bigger ones for outdoor decoration for a future party!

Where would you hang these DIY lanterns? Tell me in the comments!

xo, Scarlett